“For the last 6 months, Dr. Zayed has been treating me with nutritional supplements & vitamins, all hormone free. Under his care I recently qualified for the Boston Marathon. I experienced less muscle fatigue & faster recovery after my training runs, allowing me to train harder to obtain my running goals. Thank you, Dr. Z!”

-Dr. Mike M.

My name is Jack. I recently took my mother to see Dr Zayed because she had not been feeling well for over a year and none of her Doctors could figure out was was wrong with her. At one Point her Primary physician told her “I think it’s all in your mind” and was planning to refer her to a Psychologist.

My mother had been suffering from severe fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, anxiety and insomnia. On her first evaluation, Dr Zayed gave her hope and assured her that she was not “going crazy”. With a comprehensive evaluation he was able to figure out what was wrong with her and within a few weeks of treatment my mother’s symptoms had improved and she continues to feel much better.

Thank you Dr Zayed for giving my mother quality of life again!

Dear Dr. Zayed,

Since I started with our treatment plan, I feel much better. The main difference is improved focus and concentration. I am back to work as a scientist now.

Thank you – Heide M. K.

Living each day with a healthy lifestyle is very important to me and Dr. Zayed has helped me to do this by treating my hormone imbalances, thyroid, cholesterol and overall health through the use of supplements and compound formulas that are more effective and much healthier alternatives than those prescribed by a traditional medical doctor. He is a compassionate and caring doctor that really cares about the welfare of his patients, which is very much appreciated.



Where do I begin? I suffered a detrimental reaction to an antibiotic that was prescribed after discovering I had a UTI. Since then I started feeling paresthesia in my back, was hallucinating and having muscle and tendons pain and in general constantly feeling weak. I went to several Doctors and never found the solution or comfort I was seeking. After reading a ton of articles on how the medication had affected others I knew I had to make changes and see a Doctor in order to stabilize my health. When I came to Dr. Zayed, I was in pain, swollen and couldn’t sleep much and had a lot of brain fog. After being treated by him I slowly started gaining back my health. The way he explains things in detail and takes his time to make sure I understand is very important to me. The supplements he recommended have eased some of my swelling and has helped me sleep better. When I come to see Dr. Zayed I feel as he is treating me as a whole and not just what I am complaining about. He asks details about my diet, health, eating and sleeping habits. He deals with his patients throughly. He is one of the best Doctors I have ever been treated by and I highly recommend him.

Rosa J.


I am a 37 year old mother of three that was running on empty! I am a fit, healthy woman with a loving and supportive family. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me. I had gone to my doctor explaining that I was tired, irritable and extremely anxious. After performing some routine medical exams, she couldn’t “medically” find anything wrong with me that would cause what I was feeling. The only option she could give me was to try and alleviate my symptoms was anti anxiety meds. I was not ready to go down that road. And that is when Dr. Zayed came into the picture!

Dr. Zayed is a friend and colleague of my Dr. and suggested I go see him. After our initial consultation, I already felt confident that Dr. Zayed would get to the bottom of what was causing my symptoms. He wanted to know everything about me and my lifestyle. He was asking all the right questions and as I was answering them felt so comfortable with his approach.

After a series of very detailed blood work and urinalysis, Dr. Zayed found what “internally” was causing all the symptoms I was feeling. A few lifestyle changes and some supplements/vitamins later, I am a new woman!

Dr. Zayed doesn’t just want to treat your symptoms, he gets to the bottom of what is causing them. I’ve been dealing with the issue for almost 10 years and went to a few other doctors who offered no help. I am so grateful for Dr. Zayed, his approach and now his friendship!


My name is Hayssam. Before contacting Dr. Zayed 8 months ago, I used to feel tired and exhausted all the time.

Dr Zayed ordered blood work & found a lot of parameters out of range and I was not comfortable to use medicines… I noticed that Dr. Zayed is very experienced in such cases and treat with Vitamins & supplements all hormone free. I started following his recommendations 6 months ago. I started recently feeling much better and lately made a recent blood test and found that all parameters have been adjusted and within normal range & I feel now very healthy and active.

Thank you, Dr. Zayed.

CEO, Import / Export Chemical Company – The Middle East

I was an athlete all my life and had suffered many injuries including herniated discs in my lower back and two knee surgeries. My sport of choice was basketball, and I never attempted any endurance sports until few years ago when I started talking to Dr. Zayed about my nutrition. After careful analysis of my blood results Dr. Zayed was able to create a balanced and easy to use nutrition plan and since then I have completed two NYC marathons under 4 hours, two half distance IronMan triathlons under 7 hours and one Olympic triathlon. I never got injured from countless hours of training despite my history of injuries. Dr. Zayed followed my progress closely, made adjustment when needed, and was always accessible. I am planning my next big race already with Dr. Zayed, full distance IronMan.

Thank you, Dr. Zayed.


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